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Hello and welcome to German Arzate Tutorials where you can find the best tips and suggestions for new and future dentists who want answers on how to understand, deal and react to their patients’ needs and concerns while looking after their best interests. Doctor German Arzate is a dentist in Cancun who will also re-analyze and explain some of the most complicated cases of his career and share his invaluable experience with you. The average patient distrusts or fear dentists because of bad experiences in the past and lack of the human factor; let’s work together to change this! If you have a question or want to share your own case, cosmetic dentistry or dental implants in Cancun, please, feel free to contact us on the comments!





Dentistry Tutorials by Doctor German Arzate DDSABOUT GERMAN ARZATE

Doctor German Arzate DDS is a Mexican doctor with over 20 years of experience on Cosmetic Dentistry. He has a first class dental clinic in Cancun where he has helped thousands of American and Canadian patients get affordable smile makeovers and is an expert on advanced dental implants techniques. He has had extensive training and education in Mexico, USA, and Europe to provide his patients with the best dental care. He helps the Dental Implant Learning Center at Englewood and the American Academy of Implant dentistry to train their doctors on dental implants.